Friday, February 8, 2019

Franklin County declares emergency to deal with storm debris

Franklin County Commissioners have agreed to declare an emergency to speed up the process of grinding up the nearly 25 thousand cubic yards of yard waste was taken to the Franklin County landfill in the weeks after Hurricane Michael.

Initially the county planned to go out for bids for the job, but a recent state inspection at the landfill showed that some of the debris is encroaching on neighboring wetlands which has to be fixed immediately or the county could face steep fines from the Department of Environmental Protection.

By declaring an emergency the county can skip the bid process which generally takes weeks to complete, and hire a company right away.

Landfill director Fonda Davis said he expects the work with cost 40 thousand dollars or more – he will get quotes from a number of companies to get the best price.

The money will come from the landfill budget as well as from reimbursements the county received after Hurricane Michael.

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