Monday, February 11, 2019

Franklin County School Board to discuss Denton Cove development today

The Franklin County School board will hold a special meeting today to discuss a possible settlement which would allow the proposed Denton Cove development to move forward.
Denton Cover is a 52 unit complex is being proposed for more than a city block along 17th street and Avenue L near the old Apalachicola High school.
The project has faced a lot of opposition because it requires the city to vacate streets and alleyways on the site for the development to move forward.
Today the school board will consider a mediated settlement to accept $200,000 for a warranty deed including the streets and alleys which would allow the development to move forward.
The school board does have a second offer from a group called the Historic Apalachicola Plat Protection Inc which says it will protect the existing plat which they argue is crucial to the integrity and historic significance of Apalachicola.
The school board special meeting is open to the public.
If you would like to attend it begins at 6 PM at the Willie Speed School Board meeting room at 85 school road in Eastpoint.
Check out the proposed agreement below:

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