Monday, February 22, 2021

Covid hasn't stopped us! - An E-newsletter from the Franklin County Humane Society

                               SGI BREWFEST UPDATE

The SGI Brewfest postponed until October 16, 2021

As a result of ongoing conversations with breweries and distributors about events in spring 2021, we have made the decision to push the 2021 SGI Brewfest to October 16.
Existing ticket holders will of course be honored, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. In addition to the logistical problems of holding an event built around making new friends and sharing drinks, we also should point out that we are an all-volunteer staff, and many of our most important members are in at-risk demographic groups.

While we push ahead with our efforts to stay safe here in Franklin County, we don’t think it’s the right decision to invite people from all over the country – last year we had 17 states in attendance! – to come co-mingle on the Island. On top of that, many of the small local breweries that really give our Brewfest its flavor are still recovering both in terms of brewing and staffing. Many of them are still coming back up to full production from slowdowns earlier in the pandemic.

We know our breweries love us as much as we love them, and they have always given generously to support our Brewfest. But this year it doesn't seem right to ask so much of them. In fact, we think it would be great if you supported them by drinking deeply of their awesome offerings – most if not all are offering to-go and even online orders.

Having said that, we are so excited to see you October 16, 2021! We have great plans, an amazing new location (right by the beach!) and a better-than-ever SGI Brewfest on tap. Look for more info to come out over the next few months, on social and on our website.

For current 2020 ticket holders, we invite you to keep your tickets for the 5th Annual Brewfest and use them in October 2021. All perks and plusses will be rolled over (and we might even throw in something extra for your patience if you already bought a ticket). We’ll follow up in an email to ticket holders with more information.

As always, thank you for your support of the Franklin County Humane Society through the SGI Brewfest. Pints for pets is still our purpose – and we’ll cheers to that!

High Flying Heroes
Marley was owner surrendered to us because her owners were unable to keep her contained and safe.  She came to us in good condition and we could tell she was a very special dog.  She was loving and well mannered, housebroken and leash trained,  Just about perfect!
One of our volunteers was in search of a family pet for a friend living in Virginia Beach and when they saw the picture and description of Marley, decided she was the dog for them.  Our volunteer got in touch with Pilots N Paws and got the transportation plans rolling.  Click on the link below to read the full story:

And She Will Rise
Phoenix came to us from Animal Control in the condition you see in the picture above.  She had a severe case of mange and secondary skin infection.  She had a heavy load of intestinal parasites and was heartworm positive but she was sweet and wanted nothing more than to be seen for the beautiful dog she was.
We started treatment immediately and that gave her almost instant relief from the itchy, bleeding sores.  We dewormed her and started her on antibiotics for the skin infection.  We fed her, gave her a warm comfortable bed and of course  the love and attention she so craved.
It didn't take long for her appearance to improve so we posted her picture on face book.  We included this picture as well as a picture of her 3 weeks later.  We received a call from a family who lives both in Jacksonville and Tallahassee saying they were interested in adopting her and could they make an appointment to meet her.  Of course they could!
They came to meet Phoenix and it was love at first sight.  Although she still had a ways to go, they could see the beauty in both her appearance and her soul.  We had to keep her for a few more weeks of treatment, have her spayed and start her on her heartworm treatment.  Phoenix was picked up this past Saturday and is now living her best life with her new family.
Footnote: We received a call today from the owner of Senna, the demon dog of Tik Toc fame.  He informed us that Phoenix has been chosen to be the first recipient of their adoption sponsorship program.  They are not only paying for her adoption fee but also her heartworm treatment.  Thank you Senna!
                                    Where are they now?
Spanky was picked up by FWC in the woods as a stray at the end of May.  Both of his knees were severely deformed causing pain due to misalignment.  Surgery on both knees was his only option.  In addition, he was heartworm positive.  Spanky received his heartworm treatment then had his first knee surgery six weeks later.  After a five-week recovery period he received his second knee surgery.  
He went into foster care after his second knee surgery and spent both Thanksgiving and Christmas in his foster home.  During that time he met the woman who would adopt him.  It was hard for the foster family to let him go but thankfully they see him frequently as the adopter and foster moms are great friends.  Just look at him now!  Spanky and his gang!

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