Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FishNews - Oct. 3, 2012 - New Research on Ocean Acidification, Habitat of the Month, Improving Oyster Monitoring, Protecting Great White Sharks, and More

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Highlights - October 3, 2012 
Countries Agree on a New Plan for Global Shark Conservation
Government representatives from 50 countries adopted a new conservation plan to catalyze regional initiatives to tackle overfishing and raise awareness of other threats to migratory sharks. Signatory states agreed to involve fishing industry representatives, NGOs, and scientists in implementing the conservation plan. Learn more 

United States Signs Memorandum of Understanding for the Conservation of Whales and Dolphins and their Habitats in the Pacific Islands Region
Raising the number of signatories to 15, the United States' participation in thisregional initiative under the Convention on Migratory Species will help promote the implementation of the 2013-2017 action plan for whales and dolphins in the Pacific Islands Region.
Ocean Acidification: A Scientist's Perspective
How does more acidic seawater threaten the health of our oceans and the economics of our coastal communities? Learn more about the impacts of ocean acidification from a NOAA scientist.

Study Finds that Ocean Acidification Is Accelerated in Nutrient-Rich Areas
Carbon dioxide released from decaying algal blooms, combined with ongoing increases in atmospheric carbon emissions, leads to increased levels of ocean acidification. Learn how this places additional stress on marine resources and the coastal economies that depend on them.

Estuaries-Habitat of the Month
What's the place where fresh water meets salt water? It's an estuary! Estuaries contain habitat needed by fish, shellfish, wildlife, and people. Find out more about estuaries and our work to restore them.

Want to Help Us Improve Oyster Monitoring? 
Please comment on our oyster restoration monitoring manual.
Northeast Regional Administrator Comments on Temporarily Shifting the Gillnet Fishery Closure to Protect Harbor Porpoise
John Bullard explains how, with this decision, we can protect harbor porpoise and keep fishermen on the water.

Coral Hotspots Found in Deepwater Canyons off Northeast U.S. Coast
For the first time in decades, researchers have conducted an extensive exploration for deep-sea corals and sponges in submarine canyons off the northeastern coast of the United States. Learn how a new coral habitat suitability model could help predict coral hotspots.
Ocean Acidification: Monitoring and Measuring the Physiological and Population Response of Living Marine Resources in Alaska
Marine organisms in Alaska are particularly at risk to effects associated with ocean acidification. Scientists at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center have developed abroad research effort to better understand species-specific physiological responses to this potentially threatening byproduct of global climate change.
Federal Protection of Northeastern Pacific Ocean Great White Sharks May Be Warranted
Substantial scientific information indicates that the northeastern Pacific Ocean population of great white shark should be listed under the Endangered Species Act. NOAA will conduct a comprehensive review to determine if this listing is warranted and requests scientific and commercial information from the public to be considered in the review. Please submit comments by November 27, 2012.

NOAA Requests Public Comments on Research Project that May Incidentally Take Marine Mammals in Central California
PRBO Conservation Science seeks permission to conduct seabird and pinniped research in central California which may incidentally take four species of marine mammals. Please comment on the Incidental Harassment Authorization by October 29, 2012.
Oct-Dec: NOAA Fisheries holds free workshops on Atlantic Shark Identification and Protected Species Safe Handling, Release, and Identification

Oct-Dec: NOAA Fisheries holds training workshops on Electronic Reporting System for Federal Atlantic Swordfish, Shark, and Tuna Dealers

Oct 7: NOAA exhibits at the Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii

Oct 17-18: Advisory Committee to the U.S. Section to the U.S. Section to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Will Hold Its Fall Meeting in Silver Spring, MD

Oct 23-25: Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee meets in Silver Spring, Maryland

Oct 25-26: Permanent Advisory Committee for the U.S. Commissioners to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Meets in Honolulu, Hawaii
Oct 1-31: NOAA Teacher At Sea Program calls for applications for 2013 field season 
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