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UF/IFAS News: Scalloping season starts; UF scientists sequence lantana genome; Sweaty cattle boost food security

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From June 17-23, we celebrate National Pollinator Week, an optimal time to remember their benefits. Three-fourths of the world's food crops depend on pollinators to reproduce. That's one out of every three bites you eat. Want to know more about bees? Check out these links.

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Florida’s recreational scalloping season begins Saturday with shores off Dixie County and part of Taylor County opening for harvest and those along other Gulf Coast counties soon to follow. This year, Florida Sea Grant and UF/IFAS are introducing a newly designed orange and blue scallop sorting tool

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Through the Florida 4-H youth development program, 17-year-old St. Lucie resident Berkley Barnes transformed from a shy youth into a confident leader, successfully advocating for 4-H and FFA participants in Florida’s 2024 agricultural bill.


Many craft brewers prefer to make their product using hops pellets because of several advantages they provide over whole cone hops. To address a request by Tampa Bay-area craft brewers, University of Florida scientists are converting the crop they grow into pellets.

A University of Florida scientist has sequenced the genome of one representative type of lantana, research that will help other plant breeders develop sterile varieties and help researchers control the plant from spreading.


A new study from UF/IFAS Professor Raluca Mateescu and her colleagues shows it’s possible to identify the genes within breeds of cattle that would lead to the sweatiest, heat-tolerant offspring.

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Central Florida’s ample sunlight and moderate rainfall create optimal conditions for cultivating a diverse array of herbs celebrated for their medicinal qualities. Gardeners and herbal enthusiasts in the region can establish vibrant medicinal gardens. 

As the kissing bug bites its victim and creates open wounds, it also crawls around dropping infected feces. It’s the perfect setup for T. cruzi to enter the body. The resulting infection is known as Chagas disease, and it affects muscles in the heart and gut. 


Father’s Day holiday became a national holiday in 1972 and is officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The purpose of honoring our father is unchanged. Many of us have lost our father, but some of us have been fortunate enough to have another male figure present in our lives that continues to represent this to us.

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We are pleased to announce our newest publication, Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos del Paisajismo en Florida, developed collaboratively by UF/IFAS Extension professionals Hannah Wooten from Orange County, Morgan Pinkerton and Tina McIntyre from Seminole County and Tatiana Sanchez-Jones from Alachua County.

As a hurricane approaches your area, are you prepared? This video covers methods to prepare and store your boat on a canal or small river during these devastating storms.


Septic systems are most susceptible to issues after periods of heavy rainfall, including after a hurricane. Flooding and power outages may impact the system. Here are some tips on what to look for and how to prevent further issues.

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