Friday, May 17, 2024

Weems Memorial Hospital is seeking a small grant to purchase a butterfly ultrasound for use by the Hospital’s emergency Medical Services

Weems Memorial Hospital is seeking a small grant to purchase a butterfly ultrasound for use by the Hospital’s emergency Medical Services.

Butterfly ultrasounds are handheld devices that are used in to provide exams in trauma patients and can also be used to help with IV insertion with patients with poor vascular access.

They can use a phone or ipad as a screen, making them extremely useful for doctors and first responders who need to evaluate a patient quickly.

The hospital is seeking a state grant to cover the costs, which is about 2700 dollars.

Franklin county Commissioners this month signed a resolution supporting the purchase, now they just have to wait to see if the grant request is approved.

Carrabelle City Commissioner Sabrina Brown has been selected to represent the City of Carrabelle on the Franklin County Tourist Development Council

Carrabelle City Commissioner Sabrina Brown has been selected to represent the City of Carrabelle on the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.

Miss Brown was selected to replace Brenda LaPaz who recently resigned as Carrabelle Mayor and who served on the TDC for a number of years.

The Tourist Development Council is a nine-member board with representatives from each city and the Franklin County Commission, the local chambers of commerce and members from around the county who work in the tourism field and collect the tourist tax.

The group is tasked with increasing local tourism; it receives its funding through a 3 percent bed tax on hotel rooms and rental homes.

The revenue is reinvested in the county by funding tourist related facilities including local museums and beach park facilities like restrooms, playgrounds, boat ramps and parks and beach accessibility improvements.

It even provides funding for some law enforcement services.

The money is also used to advertise Franklin County to increase the number of visitors who come here.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Wakulla County is looking for a volunteer to serve on the Wakulla County Historic Preservation Committee

Wakulla County is looking for a volunteer to serve on the Wakulla County Historic Preservation Committee.

The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the County Commission on the designation, regulation and administration of historical, cultural and architectural resources in Wakulla County.

One volunteer is needed.

He or she must be a resident of Wakulla County and should have some background in architecture, history, planning, cultural anthropology, landscape architecture or related disciplines.
The deadline for applying is May the 24th.

Interested people should submit a resume to senior planner Ashley Rowland-Yost at

The non-profit group Florida Taxwatch has released its annual list of what they call budget turkeys

The non-profit group Florida Taxwatch has released its annual list of what they call budget turkeys.


The group has been issuing the list every year since 1983.


The group found 450 projects totaling about 855 million dollars in projects that they said did not go through the proper procedures for funding.


Many of the items on the turkey list are projects that lawmakers inserted into the budget late in the session.


Two Gulf County projects made the turkey list, they include about 400 thousand dollars for the outpatient mental health services at the Life Management Center of NW FL and 1 million dollars for the Gulf County Water System.


One Wakulla County project also made the list.


That was 225 thousand dollars for the Wakulla County Community Center Shelter Expansion.

The 2024 red snapper fishing season for vessels with federal for-hire reef fish permits has been set for 88 days in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico

The 2024 red snapper fishing season for vessels with federal for-hire reef fish permits has been set for 88 days in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council announced this week that the season for federally permitted for-hire vessels will begin on June 1st, and will close on August 28th.


Earlier this month, Florida announced a 103-day recreational Gulf red snapper season which will run from June 16th through July 31st, with a fall reopening that will include all weekends in October and November, Friday through Sunday.


The red snapper total recreational quota is nearly 8 million pounds whole weight.


The for-hire component is allocated 42.3% of the quota which is about 3.4 million pounds whole weight.

Gulf Specimen Marine Lab seeks silent auction donations for upcoming Mermaids and Mimosas fundraiser

Silent Auction Donations

We're gearing up for our Mermaids and Mimosas fundraiser at Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, and we need YOUR help! We're looking for exciting silent auction items to make this event a splash. Your generous donations will support our marine conservation and education programs.

The "Mermaids and Mimosas" event is a unique and exciting opportunity for our community to come together in support of marine conservation efforts. The funds raised through the silent auction will directly benefit Gulf Specimen Marine Lab's programs, including wildlife rescue, educational outreach, and research initiatives.

Your generous donation of items for our silent auction will not only help us raise crucial funds but also contribute to the success of our event. As a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible, and your support will be acknowledged in our event materials and promotions.

It is through the generosity of donors like you that we can continue our mission of promoting marine conservation and education in our community. For more information, please contact Hunter Eichler at or (850) 228-0609. Items are due May 31st, and we are happy to arrange pickup if needed.

Donate to Gulf Specimen Here
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Book Signing at Oyster Bones this Saturday

Book Signing Saturday May 18th

at Oyster Bones

Book Signing with Lisa Lyle Waggoner

May 18th @ 11AM

New book helps build a critical recall skill

How to Teach Your Dog to Come Back to You



(Murphy, NC) In 17 years of professional dog training, canine expert Lisa Lyle Waggoner has heard two complaints more than all others:


“I want my dog to listen!”


“My dog won’t come when called.”


Of all the behaviors owners need dogs to learn, the most important is a fast recall when called because it is a potentially life-saving skill. Whether Rover is preparing to roll in a smelly patch of grass, approaching a skunk, or worst of all -- barreling toward a busy street -- a “rocket recall” is the key to ensuring your dog sprints back to you when asked to do so.


Waggoner’s new book, The Original Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog to Come, lays out easy-to-follow steps that turn recall training in fun games that are effective for you and your dog. It includes games that will build your dog’s desire to come and strategies for success in challenging environments. By developing a dog’s focus and attention skills, Waggoner’s Rocket Recall™ training program creates a foundation of trust between dogs and their humans. That provides a basis not just for a prompt recall, but for successfully training any behavior.


“The essential starting point for teaching any skill – and in particular this crucial life skill – is to preserve the bond between owner and the dog. We help owners get that all-important recall through effective, science-backed dog training that is centered on the dog wanting to return to her owner,” Waggoner says. “Dogs do have to be trained to come back to us and this book is the answer to how to make that happen in a way that works for the dogs and people love the results.”


Waggoner wrote the book for dog owners and it includes easy, step-by-step instructions, illustrations and problem-solving tips.


Dog training professionals also love this new book:

 “When you follow the training plan, you’ll have a dog that remains attentive when with you. And with recalls and attention established, the sky’s the limit as to what you can accomplish together,” writes retired police K-9 trainer Steve White in a forward to the book. 


“Lisa Waggoner's Rocket Recall is an incredibly valuable gift to the dog-loving world, sharing sound, scientific, and effective positive reinforcement-based methods that can only strengthen relationships between dogs and their humans, and enhance the quality of life for both. Lisa is a superb teacher and trainer…” says world-renowned author and trainer Pat Miller.

“Rocket Recall™” is a must-have guide for every training library. Lisa Lyle Waggoner has created a training process that makes your dog want to come in any environment. By focusing on positive reinforcement, Waggoner has developed techniques that create effective and lasting communication with our dogs. It is filled with easy-to-follow lessons that not only make life with dogs easier but may save their life.” Lynn Stevenson, MA, DVM, Nottely Oaks Animal Hospital




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lisa Lyle Waggoner is a passionate advocate for humane, science-based, force-free dog training. Lisa is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, a Pat Miller Certified Trainer-Level 2, a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, and a faculty member of the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior. Waggoner is an experienced media guest and is comfortable in all media settings.


The founder of Cold Nose College (, a world-renowned center of education for both dog owners and professional trainers, Lisa is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners form a strong bond and enjoy their lives together. 

Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce
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Apalachicola, Fl 32320


NOAA Fisheries FishNews—May 16

FishNews masthead

MAY 16, 2024


Sharing Aquaculture Science Across Borders: 50 Years of American-Japanese Collaboration

Five people stand around a table in a greenhouse-like building discussing aquaculture equipment

For more than 50 years, NOAA Fisheries and the Japanese Fisheries Research and Education Agency have collaborated through the U.S.-Japan Natural Resources Aquaculture Panel. Learn more about the panel’s research exchanges to advance sustainable ocean farming.

Proposed Protective Regulations for the Threatened Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Oceanic whitetip shark swimming next to four small fishes in the deep ocean waters.

We are soliciting comments, information, and recommendations on a proposed rule to issue protective regulations under the Endangered Species Act for the conservation of the threatened oceanic whitetip shark. The deadline to submit comments is July 15, 2024.


Science Blog: On the Ice with Our Scientists

Two researchers standing on Arctic sea ice. One has their hand up, deploying a drone while the other controls it.

Scientists from our Alaska Fisheries Science Center conduct several regular surveys and field projects to study the seals living on Arctic sea ice. The information they gather is used to manage these seal populations. Kyle Kolda details the team’s journey to the Arctic in a science blog, sharing their research encounters with the ice seals!


Understanding the Best Conditions for Rice’s Whales

An endangered Rice's whale breaches the water's surface.

A team of scientists from our Southeast Fisheries Science Center have identified the optimal habitat for the endangered Rice’s whale. Understanding the species’ reproductive and foraging needs will help researchers predict where else Rice’s whales may occur and aid in population recovery.

New England/Mid-Atlantic

Gray Seal Found Shot in Delaware

Dead gray seal with animal bite and firearm injuries lays on a beach in Delaware

Our Office of Law Enforcement is offering a reward of up to $4,000 for information regarding a dead juvenile gray seal found in Delaware. The seal had animal bite injuries, as well as injuries consistent with being shot with a firearm.

Science Blog: Live Long and Prosper! When it Comes to Shark Surveys, Longevity Matters

A scientist tags a neonate sandbar shark with a blue rototag on a table during survey

Michelle Passerotti, new chief scientist of the Coastal Shark Bottom Longline Survey, shares insights from the Atlantic shark survey that has tagged and released more than 10,000 sharks over 35 years.

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May 23: Comments due for Proposed Incidental Harassment Authorization for the Vineyard Wind Offshore Wind Project

May 27: Applications for attendance due for the 2024 Marine Resource Education Program Southeast Workshop

May 28: Applications due for two Environmental Protection Agency Clean Ports Program grant competitions

May 28: Comments due for proposed changes to Seafood Inspection Program procedures

June 1: Deadline for nominations for the 2024 Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award  

June 21: Applications due for members of the American Fisheries Advisory Committee

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