Wednesday, October 10, 2012

National Association of Counties to use Franklin county in national advertising campaign

 Franklin County will be used in an advertising campaign from the National Association of Counties for using the group’s drug discount cards.

County commissioners learned last week that Franklin County will be used in some of the groups national advertising as a community that has embraced and benefited from the National Association of Counties Drug Card.

The discount drug program began in 2006.

The drug card can save Franklin County residents up to 20 percent on prescription drug costs if they don’t already have insurance and it can be used by anyone in the family any time their prescription is not covered by an insurance plan.

The cards are free – they are available through local doctor’s offices and at the local hospital – so make sure to ask next time you have a doctor’s visit.

And under the agreement signed earlier this year, Franklin County will get one dollar each time a discount card is used.

It could be a big help to the county, which would have raised nearly 144 thousand dollars if the agreement had been in place last year. e-mail with comments