Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shallow water grouper fishery closing in February

Fishing for several species of grouper in the Gulf of Mexico will stop on February the 1st.
The seasonal closure will impact fishing for black, red, yellowfin, scamp, yellowmouth, rock hind and red hind through March 31st.
Gag grouper, which has a separate season from other Gulf of Mexico grouper, is also included in the closure.
The gag grouper population is considered too low, and too many are being caught for the population to be sustainable.
The upcoming two-month recreational harvest closure of all eight grouper species, often referred to as shallow-water grouper, is intended to help rebuild the gag grouper fishery.
Gag grouper spawn during the February and March closure, so limiting the harvest of other grouper helps reduce the number of gag grouper that are caught unintentionally and die after being released. e-mail with comments