Thursday, May 5, 2016

Franklin County to hold workshop to discuss inmate medical

                The Franklin County Commission will hold a workshop with the Sheriff’s office in early June to discuss ways to cut the costs of providing medical services to inmates.
The issue of inmate medical expenses is one the county commission and many local sheriff’s have discussed in the past – it’s a difficult expense because the sheriff never knows in advance how much he’ll need.
Sheriff’s spokesperson Ginger Coulter told county commissioners that this has been an expensive year – just recently the sheriff’s office has had to file claims for two life flights and a patient on dialysis – each of thiose claims comes with a 15 thousand dollar deductible.
The sheriff’s office has provided the county with several options that might be able to save money that include hiring a doctor or nurse full-time or working with a private company to provide inmate medical services.
Coulter said the sheriff’s department is looking at all viable solutions to the problem.
Commissioners said they will need a few weeks to look at the various proposals the sheriff’s office provided.

The two groups will hold a public workshop on June the 7th to discuss the issue in more detail.