Monday, June 6, 2016

Franklin county Commission meets Tuesday in Apalachicola

                Franklin county commissioners will likely take final action on changes to the county animal control ordinance and to its littering ordinance when the board meets tomorrow in Apalachicola.

County officials agreed last year to amend the two ordinances; the county attorney has been working on the changes.

The animal control ordinance was last changed in 2006 and officials say it needs to be brought up to date.            

As part of the update the county will create an interlocal agreement with the cities of Carrabelle and Apalachicola so the county animal control department can operate within the city limits.

The County litter ordinance was enacted in 1997 and the county plans to update the penalties in the rule so that homeowners who are cited are not immediately facing a criminal charge for littering.

There is also a third public hearing scheduled for Tuesday’s meeting regarding the rezoning of a 10 acre parcel in Carrabelle.

You can see the full agenda for Tuesday’s county commission meeting on-line at

Tuesday’s meeting will begin at 9 AM at the Franklin County courthouse Annex in Apalachicola.