Thursday, August 4, 2016

County officials say ATVs are damaging local roadsides

County commissioners are asking that the sheriff’s department begin more actively enforcing a county ordinance limiting where and how people can drive four wheelers.

In 2000 the county commission adopted an ordinance regulating the use of off-road vehicles and go-carts after ATVs were implicated in doing some pretty major damage to local roadsides and ditches.

The county rule prohibits ATVs from public property, including ditches along local roads, and state law bans children from driving ATVs on or along any state road.

County commissioners have now asked that the sheriff’s department begin enforcing the rule more strictly because of recent damage reported along Highway 67 and Pal Rivers Road in Carrabelle as well as around the Abercrombie Boat landing in Apalachicola.

The road camp says some of the damage is so severe it makes it difficult to mow the roadsides in those areas and it happens so often that the road crews have a hard time keeping the roadsides cleaned up.

The County road supervisor added that some of the damage is so severe it is beginning to cause damage to the edges of the roadway, which can become a very expensive problem.

And it’s not just damage to roadsides, in some areas road signs are being knocked down which can make driving more dangerous for everyone.

That’s also an expensive problem – the road signs cost over 100 dollars each to replace.