Thursday, March 23, 2017

Public reminded to use new entrance to Chapman Building in Apalachicola

The main entrance to the Chapman building in Apalachicola has been closed and the new entrance to the historic building is now off 14th street.

The front doors of the Chapman Building have always been accessible from 12th street, but because of the new city library that is being built there, those doors are no longer accessible.

The Chapman building houses doctor's offices so it is important that the public can get into the building.

The County, along with the Apalachicola Bay Charter School, have worked together to provide access from 14th Street, near the corner of 14th street and Avenue E.

The county removed the fencing that has blocked access in the past and installed a new fence to seperate an ABC school playground from the public.

Its likely that 12th street access to the Chapman building will be available again in a few months through the Library’s main entrance once the new library is complete.