Thursday, April 6, 2017

County commissioners consider request to allow removal of deadhead logs at McIntyre Landing boat ramp

 County commissioners are considering a request to allow the removal of deadhead logs at Mcintyre landing on the Ochlockonee River but they want to hear from the county attorney before making a final decision.

Deadhead logging is the removal of old longleaf pine and cypress logs from river bottoms

The wood is very valuable – it can be sold for three to five times more than regular Farm-grown hardwoods.

County commissioners, however, have some concerns about the practice.

They are concerned that removing the dead head logs might damage the ramp or that pieces of the logs could break off and be left at the ramp where they can damage boats.

That has led to concerns that the county could be liable for fixing damage to the ramp or to any boats that are damaged.

In the past the problem became bad enough that the county banned the practice from the Pine Log Creek ramp and began telling loggers to find private property to remove the logs from the river.

Commissioners said they would be willing to consider this request but feel there should be certain safeguards in effect.

That could include having the loggers put up a bond or get insurance so if they damage the ramps, the county would not have to pay for the repairs.

Commissioners said they will make a final decision on the request after the county has had a chance to look over the proposal and recommend how the commission to move forward.