Sunday, April 23, 2017

Franklin County approves 1500 dollars for youth basketball program

 Franklin County Commissioners have agreed to provide 1500 dollars to help out a local youth basketball program.
The funding request was made by Allison Speed, the organizer for the traveling basketball teams from Franklin County.
The summer basketball program includes between 30 and 50 children of various ages.
The program in the past has taken local teams to neighboring towns for summertime basketball tournaments and has also held tournaments in the county that brought teams from as far away as Athens, Georgia.
Mister Speed requested 3000 dollars, but the commission said he needed to find additional sources of money, including holding fundraisers.
In general the county provides money to local sports teams only if they earn a spot in a regional, state or national tournament but the county doesn’t usually provide operational funding.
Instead the county provides and maintains the fields and parks for most sports.
There are no county maintained basketball courts at this time, though the county is seeking a grant to build one in Apalachicola.

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