Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Franklin County Commissioners ask for traffic study of Highway 98 in Eastpoint

Franklin County Commissioners are asking the Florida Department of Transportation to do a traffic study on Highway 98 in the middle of Eastpoint.

The board said the section of Highway 98 near the post office and the Big Top Supermarket has been the site of numerous accidents in the past year, and it may help to put up more signs or even lower the speed limit in that area.

Last week a pedestrian was hit while standing on the side of the road in that area, and while that accident would likely not have been prevented with additional signs, the board said they would still like the state to look more closely at what additional safety equipment could be placed on that section of highway.

Some of the ideas include posting additional speed limit signs, reducing the speed limit, or installing a blinking light to indicate high traffic area.

Commissioners said the problem is that area is highly congested as you have a number of business as well as the post office there.

It is also very dark at night which increases the chances of accidents.

Before the state will take any action, however, they will have to do a traffic study and that requires an officials request from the county commission.

The board voted unanimously on Tuesday to make that request.