Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Franklin County rejects RV park proposed for St. George Island

The Franklin County commission this month denied a proposal for an RV park on St. George Island near the foot of the St. George Island Bridge.

Property owner Walter Armistead was seeking approval for the 10 unit RV park along with a bathhouse.

The property was rezoned last May from c-2 commercial business to c-3 commercial recreational which allows for campgrounds.

The project also had unanimous support from the county's planning and zoning board.

Walter Armistead said he has been up front about the project since the beginning – he told commissioners what he planned to do with the land when he sought county approval to rezone the property last year.

He even went as far as screening the project so that the RV park wouldn't be the first thing that people coming on to the island would see.

He added that this is the only allowable use for the property and if the county denies it he will be unable to use his land.

Commissioner Noah Lockley made a motion to approve the project but the motion died for lack of a second.

District 1 commissioner Ricky Jones said he opposed the idea in general of an RV park at the entrance to the island.