Sunday, April 9, 2017

St. George Island wildfire that stretched 5 blocks started by a yard trash fire

Fire officials say a yard trash fire that got out of control caused one of the largest wildfires on St. George Island in recent memory.

Volunteer firefighters county-wide along with members of the Division of Forestry battled for over 12 hours against a woods fire that stretched from 7th street east to 11th street east.

The fire was held to mainly wooded and marshy areas between Pine Street and the Apalachicola Bay, and though a few houses were threatened by the blaze – none were damaged.

There were also no injuries from the massive fire.

The fire began early Saturday afternoon – it was a very windy day and fire officials say a yard trash fire escaped a homeowner's control and quickly spread into nearby woods.

Forestry officials were called in to cut firebreaks but the winds kept the fire moving through the dry trees and grass.

By Saturday night, fire departments from St. George Island, Eastpoint, Apalachicola and Lanark Village were on scene, protecting homes and working to keep the fire from spreading any further.

Members of the Franklin County sheriff's office were also on scene to help stop traffic and keep onlookers away.

The blaze was finally brought under control at about 2 o'clock Sunday morning though firefighter were still watching for hot spots well into Sunday.

State officials have been warning people for weeks to be careful while burning yard debris and to not to not burn at all on windy days.

Much of Florida is extremely dry and it doesn't take much for a small fire to quickly grow out of control.