Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NOAA approves shortest red snapper season ever

Don't blink or you might miss the recreational red snapper season in federal waters this year.

Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishermen will get a 3-day fishing season in federal waters this year while charter captains will have 49 days to fish.

The Recreational season runs from June the 1st through the 4th.

NOAA Fisheries made the announcement on Tuesday.

Its the shortest season ever, but federal regulators said it is needed to protect red snapper stocks.

Last year recreational fishermen caught nearly 130 thousand pounds more red snapper than they were allocated.

The 3 day recreational red snapper season is only in federal waters.

Fishermen can take red snapper in Florida state waters for 78 days this year.

The State red snapper season starts this weekend and continues on weekends until May 26th.

The state season will then be open continuously from May 27th through July 9th.

The season will reopen in Florida waters on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through September and October providing for 78 days of red snapper fishing in state waters.