Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Franklin County rejects request for golf carts at Alligator Point 4th of July parade

Franklin County Commissioners had to reject a request from Alligator Point residents to allow golf carts during this year's 4th of July parade while the county continues to perform a study at Alligator Point to see if they can allow people to legally use golf carts there.

Golf carts are already widely used at Alligator Point and have been for years, but they aren't supposed to be.

The County is currently studying the safety issues surrounding golf carts at Alligator Point, but until the study is done, golf carts are prohibited, even during parades.

County attorney Michael Shuler said it would be unwise for the county to approve golf cart use even for a limited event until the study is complete – simply because the county commission does not have enough information to make an informed decision.

There is a lot of supportfor golf carts at Alligator Point, but for the county the issue is simply about public safety.

County staff said areas of the county where golf carts are currently allowed have side roads where golf carts can go without being on to major roads like Highway 98 or Gulf Beach Drive.

At Alligator Point there is only one road through the Point with dead-end roads branching off of it so golf carts would have to share the road with cars and that is a liability waiting to happen.

County Commissioners said they will consider the issue further after the study is complete.