Thursday, June 8, 2017

Still no vote on mandatory garbage pick up in Franklin County

The Franklin County solid waste department is still investigating the costs and methods of mandatory garbage service for Franklin county residents.

Franklin County Commissioners asked last month that county staff begin investigating mandatory garbage pickup to help stop the growing problem of illegal dumping of household garbage in the county.

Because garbage pickup is not mandatory, many residents choose not to pay for the service and instead find other ways to dispose of their trash.

That includes dumping their trash in other peoples cans, dumping it in county recycling bins, or just leaving it on public property where the county or city has to remove it.

The problem has gotten so bad that the county has been forced to close down a number of recycling sites and are now discussing whether they should just end the recycling program altogether.

The county commission came very close to voting on mandatory trash pickup last month but agreed to delay a vote to gather more information about how the program could best be implemented.

As for the future of the recycling program, county commissioners say they will address that issue during budget negotiations this summer – and will consider either scaling the program back to only accept the items that are most profitable or doing away with county recycling completely.