Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wakulla County Installs New Idle Speed/No Wake Signs at Shell Point

Crawfordville, Florida – The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners announces new idle speed/no wake signs installed at Shell Point approximately 500ft on both sides of the non-motorized hand launch (kayak ramp).

The new signs are part of an extensive revamping of the County’s existing boating regulations and the associated regulatory markers/signage posted throughout the waterways within the County’s jurisdiction.

“County staff took a proactive approach and worked closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in an effort to protect the safety of the public and provide safe operation of motorboats/vessels in County waters,” said County Administrator David Edwards.  The funds for the signs are generated from boater user fees.

It is unlawful to operate any vessel in any manner other than at idle speed no wake where the proper regulatory markers are posted and penalties will be enforced by law enforcement. 

For additional information related to this story, please contact Jessica Welch, Communications & Public Services Director at (850) 926-0919 ext. 706