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WILD Times 2017 Summer Edition

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                                        Summer 2017

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Project WILD 2016-17 Summary

Dear WILD Ones,
Congratulations! The reporting year for state sponsored programs ends June 30. Project WILD numbers are growing. Workshops have increased from 769 total participants in 2015-16 to over 1,350 participants in 2016-17. The interest and participation from college and university preservice teaching programs are on the rise. More counties are involved. We anticipate workshop attendance to exceed 1,500 this upcoming year. These formal and nonformal educators collectively affect over 50,000 students per year. This is amazing conservation education outreach!  
Without the dedication and perseverance of the facilitators, Project WILD would not be successful. Your action is helping to create the next generation that cares. Fall workshop proposals are arriving. Keep 'em coming, and let me know how I can help. Thank you!
Stay WILD,
Anita Forester, Project WILD Coordinator 
850-488-4679 (office)
850-661-0894 (cell)


New to the Facilitator Family: Welcome!

Trained at Boyd Hill Preserve on May 6, 2017

Boyd Hill Train Trainer Group
Back row, left to right: Sara Vandekerckhove, Caroline Wood, Sarah Waud, Nicole Bell, Tracy Calla, Kimberly Boucireb, Andrea Andersen (Instructor)
Front row, left to right: Karen Johnson (Instructor), Maia Wohlert, Amy DePalma, Sami Futterman

Facilitator Locator Map

We are working to post an updated facilitator locator map. Please check out the progress and feel free to email us if you see something that needs correcting! It's a work in progress--thank you for your patience.  
CLICK HERE for the Active Facilitator Locator Map

Facilitators Share: Lesson Adaptations, Supplements

WILD History Narrative Activity: This activity, shared by Andre Bearman is not in any of the guides. It can be used as an ice-breaker to teach WILD history. Find it by clicking on the link below:
Scene of the Crime, A Schoolyard Wildlife Activity is all set up for you in the wonderful         PowerPoint designed by Jenna Biggs. Find it by clicking on the link below:
Thanks to Janie Ewell, those who facilitate Flying WILD will already have the Fill the Bill Activity slides ready to go.  Find it by clicking on the link below:
Here are some pictures of Lichens, especially useful when teaching Schoolyard Wildlife, Lichens We Like 'Em.  Thank you Peggy Hill! Find them by clicking on the link below:
Slides for the Jeop-Birdy Activity from Flying WILD. Click below to find:

Feather Identification


Have you ever wondered if a website for feather identification exists? Well, it does!  The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory has created an electronic identification key and more. Check it out at the link below.

Save the Date! Upcoming WILD Events

August 24  @  3:30pm:           Project WILD Advisory (Phone Conference)
September 22-24:                   Train the Trainer  Everglades Youth Camp, West Palm Beach
November 10 @ 11:00am:      Project WILD Advisory, Ocala Youth Camp Silver Springs
November 10-12:                    Call of the WILD, Ocala Youth Camp, Silver Springs
February 23-25, (2018):          Train the Trainer, Ocala Youth Camp, Silver Springs

Check out the complete WILD Workshop schedule at:

Note to Inactive Facilitators: If you are in need of a refresher course to feel confident in facilitating a WILD workshop please register to attend an upcoming Train the Trainer Workshop and get reactivated!
Attention Experienced Facilitators:  If you would like to help facilitate a Train the Trainer Workshop, we need your expertise!
Please contact:

FDOE WILD in a Webinar Opportunity

wildlife education

The Florida Department of Education's (FDOE) Science Curriculum Coordinator is looking for a few good WILD Ones to be featured in a webinar. FDOE can not officially endorse a curriculum, but WILD trained educators can participate in a webinar to discuss how WILD is working in their classrooms to meet standards. We need classroom educators or school volunteers who are currently using WILD with students to come forward so this webinar participation can become a reality.  Please contact me if you are able to be part of this incredible opportunity for Project WILD outreach! For more information, contact: 

Authors & Artists Among Us!

Jake Fitzroy became a Project WILD Facilitator in 2015 and now works for the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCCN) as the Southwest Partner Coordinator. When Jake led environmental education programs for Eco Adventure at the University of North Florida (UNF) he also co-authored the book, A Home for Ozzie. It is a story about a resident osprey, his friends, and their homes.  The book includes a UNF trail map where readers can visit the animal habitats! 
Published in 2015 by The University of North Florida Board of Trustees ISBN 978-0-692-40915-2


Dr. Maureen O'Neil specializes in early childhood education and is a popular teacher at Tallahassee Community College. She became a Project WILD Facilitator in 2016. Inspired by time spent with her grandson, Maureen has created The Little Green Guide  which includes 21 early childhood lesson plans that focus on nature exploration and discovery--a great supplement to Growing Up WILD!
Published in 2015 by Kendall Hunt  ISBN 978-1-4652-9476-0 
Green Guide

Beverly Osborne

Beverly Osborne was trained as a WILD Facilitator in 1991 and continues to be very active in leading workshops and spreading the WILD word at community festivals. She has been an award winning wildlife artist for over 40 years. She also paints amazing pet portraits. To see more of work check out her Facebook page.