Thursday, July 13, 2017

FWC seeks volunteers for seagrass project

 The state of Florida is looking for people who want to volunteer their time to help study and protect seagrass beds in our area.
Florida seagrass beds are extremely valuable marine habitats, as many economically important fish and shellfish species depend on seagrass beds for critical stages of their life history.

Seagrasses also provide food and shelter for endangered mammals and turtles and play a role in nutrient cycling, sediment stabilization and coastal biodiversity.

The Aquatic Habitat Conservation and Restoration Program is seeking volunteers to assist with the 2017 Seagrass Integrated Monitoring and Mapping program. 
This is a statewide effort to collect mapping data for Florida seagrasses in order to assess the status and trends of the ecosystem.

Volunteers are needed to assist FWC staff with collection of water quality data and the monitoring of submerged seagrass at about 150 sites in the bays and estuaries of Franklin County .
Surveys will be begin July 18th and run through August 10th.
Only strong swimmers need apply; and you must bring your own snorkel and mask.

If you are interested, please contact Katie Konchar today at 850-879-7520.