Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lecture: A Special Place and Special Time: Advancements in South African Offshore Research

August 10th, 2017
From 7pm to 8pm
Open to The Public 
FSUCML Auditorium
3618 US-98
St. Teresa, FL 32358
Free & Open To the Public. Refreshments available before talk  
A Special Place and Special Time:  South African Offshore Coral Reefs
The South African coastline is 1,554 miles long and has an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) that covers over 40,000 square miles. The Law of the Sea Convention grants to all of the world's coastal nations special rights within their respective EEZs regarding the exploration and use of marine resources for food, minerals, and energy production from water and wind.

South Africa's EEZ encompasses two distinct oceans -- the Atlantic and Indian oceans -- and is influenced by two critically important features-- the cold Benguela upwelling and the warm Agulhas current. The resulting variety of habitats ensures that South Africa is home to enormous diversity in marine organisms, amongst the highest diversity in marine species per unit area globally.

Moreover the region has been relatively poorly studied to date and new species are reported regularly. During this talk,  Zoleka will walk you through the uniqueness of South Africa and share with you some recent advancements in the country's offshore marine research. 
About the Speaker:
Zoleka Filander is a Benthic Ecologist with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and is a PhD candidate at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She has been engaged in a project called, "Deep Secrets" - a collaboration among multiple South African institutions to characterize deep water coral ecosystems of the region for the very first time. She is particularly interested in Marine Spatial Planning to help ensure that benthic ecosystems are protected. Finally, Zoleka considers herself a role model for Black women in South Africa interested in pursuing science as a career. 
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