Friday, August 11, 2017

Make your garbage can bear resistant with free hardware from the FWC - Carrabelle event is Saturday from 8 till noon

Franklin County and the city of Carrabelle are partnering with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help residents secure their garbage from bears.
Human-bear conflicts in our area are primarily caused by bears feeding from unsecured residential garbage.
Making garbage cans bear proof is one the most effective way to reduce conflicts with bears.
Franklin County and the City of Carabelle recently received grants totaling over $4,000 to purchase 250 sets of hardware that can be added to regular, sturdy trash cans to make them bear resistant.
There will be two public events, where people can bring their trash cans to have the hardware installed by volunteers.
The first will be held on August the 12th at the Carrabelle fire department from 8 till noon.
The second will be on August the 26th from 8 till noon at Vrooman Park in Eastpoint.
Residents that cannot come to either event can sign up to receive hardware at either Carrabelle City Hall or the Eastpoint Water & Sewer District Office.

If you are Interested in volunteering for the event e-mail