Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Franklin County to spend 22K replacing doors on historic armory

The Franklin County commission has agreed to spend a little over 22 thousand dollars to replace the front doors at the Armory in Apalachicola.
The county plans to remove the existing historic “pocket” doors and hire a craftsman to reconfigure the doors while maintaining the unique features and arches of the historic doors.

They will also construct a new door jamb/exterior wall assembly to replace the existing aluminum storefront entrance.

The work, while expensive, is required to maintain the the historical door design and unique features at the door opening.

A little over 15 thousand dollars of the project cost will be covered by a grant, the county will have to pay about 6800 dollars which will come from the county's repair and maintenance budget.

The work is part of an ongoing project to renovate the Armory to make the historic building more accessible as a convention center and a destination for private events like weddings.
Over the past few years the county has installed a central heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the historic building.

There are also new handicapped accessible restrooms and many of the original windows have been repaired.

Now the county needs to add a sprinkler system which is required by the state fire Marshall.

The board voted in October to make the sprinkler system their primary legislative request during this year's legislative session.