Thursday, November 8, 2018

Franklin County Elections office assures voters that all ballots were counted

From the Desk of the Franklin County Supervisor of Elections:

Beginning early morning on 11/08/2018 our office became flooded with phone calls and people coming by in reference to phone calls, emails and letters they have received stating their vote by mail or provisional ballots did not count due to various reasons.

This is absolutely not true.

Of the 3 Provisional ballots cast for the General Election all 3 were counted and all vote by mail ballots have been counted.

There are no outstanding ballots that need to be cured for any reason. It is our job to ensure every vote is counted and we take that job very seriously. If you have a question, please call our office but be assured every vote in Franklin County counted, we had the 4th highest voter turnout in the State with 70.8% of our voters voting in the General Election. We are proud to serve our voters in Franklin County.

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