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FWC Law Enforcement Weekly Report December 13, 2019 through December 26, 2019

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Division of Law Enforcement Weekly Report
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Patrol, Protect, Preserve

December 13, 2019 through December 26, 2019

This report represents some events the FWC handled over the past two weeks;
however, it does not include all actions taken by the Division of Law Enforcement.




Officers M. McLeod, Bell, and Travis were patrolling the Apalachicola Management Area and observed suspicious activity on the Florida River Island after hearing multiple gun shots after dark. They encountered six subjects exiting the area and investigated. During the investigation, one of the subjects admitted to hunting hogs with dogs. While another subject was questioned about fresh blood on his dog box; he admitted to picking up a road killed fox. The subject also admitted to possessing a fox squirrel. The officers also found that another subject was in possession of deer meat without sex evidence. The appropriate citations were issued.

Officers M. McLeod and Travis were on patrol on the Apalachicola River and encountered subjects camping on a house boat. After speaking with the subjects, they determined one of their party was actively placing corn on the wildlife management area. They found the subject, who admitted to placing the bait on public land, and cited him accordingly.


Officers Gerber, Lipford, Basford and Lieutenant Allen were on patrol and saw several vessels near the north end of St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. There were six individuals wading in the shallow water working a large area of seine nets. A resource inspection found three of the nets connected, forming an outer perimeter around a shallow sand bar. During further inspection of the remaining nets, the officers found two of them measured over the 500 square feet allowed by law and one other net was found to not be marked as required. Appropriate citations and warnings were issued.


Officers Humphrey and T. Scott received a complaint about a truck driving along roadways at a slow rate of speed. The complainant also said she heard several rifle shots. The officers responded to the area, heard a gunshot, and saw the truck matching the complainant’s description. The officers found the driver in possession of a .308 rifle with a thermal scope. The driver stated he had been shooting at beavers and rabbits along the roadway. Appropriate charges were filed through the State Attorney’s Office.


Officer Brower was performing freshwater fisheries inspections at Crowder Landing on Lake Jackson, when he approached a vessel returning just before sunset. Officer Brower inspected a cooler on the vessel which revealed ten legal black bass. He concluded his inspection and as the two subjects were leaving, heard a “flopping” sound against the aluminum boat. Officer Brower stopped the subjects again and found a hole that had been cut in the aluminum bench seat that was covered by a burlap sack. Inside this hidden compartment he found nine additional black bass, seven of which were oversized. Both subjects were issued appropriate citations.


Officer Dubose preformed a freshwater fisheries inspection at Bristol Landing and observed four catfish on the vessel. Further investigation revealed one of the subjects had his fishing privileges revoked two years prior for night hunting. The subject was arrested, and the appropriate charges were filed.

Officer Bell located a bait site prior to the opening day of general gun season in the Apalachicola National Forest. On opening day, he returned to the bait site before daylight. Shortly after sunrise an individual arrived, checked a camera over the bait, and then released deer dogs at the site. The individual admitted to placing the bait and was cited appropriately.


Officers J. Carr and B. Morales were on patrol when they received a complaint from dispatch in reference to illegal net activity in the area of Bottoms Road Boat Ramp. They responded to the area and observed a gray pick-up truck with a tunnel boat on a trailer. The vehicle was occupied by two subjects and the boat and trailer was still dripping water. Officer Specialist C. Mallow arrived on scene to assist with the inspection. They removed a net from the vessel and measured it for compliance. The net measured in excess of 1500 square feet and had multiple nets connected with no markings. The nets were seized, and the appropriate citations were issued.

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