Friday, August 5, 2022

Density and sea level rise risk, breeding aromatic blueberries, and more UF/IFAS news

  For the week beginning August 1, 2022

Timely News:
 It's National Water Quality Month. From springs to lakes to oceans -- Florida has it all, and UF/IFAS has the expertsContact us on this topic >

  Below are the most recent research, programs, events and more from UF/IFAS. We can help you cover and localize news to your area; just use the contact links below or reply to this email.

Places at great risk from sea level rise, hurricanes are most densely built

Researchers analyzed historical building trends on U.S. coastlines in the projected sea level rise zones. The findings suggest that communities planning for sea level rise will likely need to emphasize adapting existing structures. Download here > Contact >

Study shows why ‘aromatic’ blueberries taste better

These fruits contain just the right genetic combination to produce the chemistry required for a pleasant blueberry flavor. The UF/IFAS blueberry breeding program incorporates sensory panels to identify consumer preferences. Download here > Contact >

Florida statute codifies golf course management practices backed by science

Under the new law, superintendents complete the certification program and renew every four years with continuing education training offered by UF/IFAS. Download here > Contact >

Find Your Frugal: Low-cost, free summer family fun ideas

August is Family Fun Month, and there is still vacation time to spare before school starts. UF/IFAS Extension experts suggest taking a closer look around your neighborhood for some cost-saving ways to have fun. Download here > Contact >

This new series, Find Your Frugal, tackles topics related to money savings amid rising costs. Previous pieces have covered hurricane preparednessauto expensesgrocery shoppingcreditbanking and school supply shopping tips. Contact us >

Dorms on Homestead campus named for professor, alumna

Pauline O. Lawrence was the first Black female student in entomology and the first female student to live and study on the UF/IFAS TREC campus. The student residence will be the first UF building named after a Black person. Download here > Contact >


More from UF/IFAS Communications

Our blogs share knowledge: Lakes from space: Using tech to enhance aquatic plant management

James Leary, assistant professor at the UF/IFAS Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, shows some unusual views biologists and natural resource managers can now use. Contact us for more >

Video stories: UF/IFAS watermelon research

Florida is the No. 1 producer of watermelons, and UF/IFAS research supports growers along the way. With National Watermelon Day just this week, we're still thinking about this favorite summer treat. Contact for downloadable content >

Visual learning: Hydroponic vegetable production in Florida infographic

Growing plants in a hydroponic system is easy enough for the home gardener, and it avoids certain soil-dwelling pests. See more infographics > Contact >

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