Friday, March 22, 2013

County agrees to pony up for Eastpoint property

County commissioners have agreed to pay 40 thousand dollars for property in Eastpoint which the county will use for parking at the Eastpoint boat ramp.

Commissioners agreed in February to try to buy the half acre across the street from the Eastpoint pavilion which they believe will provide between 15 to 20 parking spaces for truck and trailers combined.

The property is currently owned by Centennial Bank, it has 124 feet fronting Highway 98 and about 142 feet fronting Patton drive.

The property was appraised at 36 thousand dollars and commissioners said they wouldn’t pay more than that but changed their minds after hearing that the property will be worth at least 40 thousand dollars once its been cleaned up.

Commissioners have passed the purchase on to the county attorney to complete. e-mail with comments