Friday, March 22, 2013

Florida's recycling rate is 30 percent - in Franklin County its 8 percent

The Florida Department of environmental protection this week released 2011 recycling data for Florida’s 67 counties.
The state as a whole maintained a 30 percent recycling rate for a second consecutive year.
23 counties reported a 30 percent or higher recycling rate while 9 counties recycled more than 40 percent of their trash.
Recycling rates are calculated by dividing the total weight of recycled municipal solid waste by the total weight of municipal solid waste.
The top recycling county in 2011 was Alachua which recycled half of its solid waste.
Lee, Brevard, and Marion counties each hit the 45 percent mark.
Wakulla County hit 38 percent.
Franklin County still has a way to go to reach those levels.
State numbers show that about 8 percent of Franklin County’s solid waste was recycled in 2011.
In Gulf County it was 2 percent; Liberty County had a recycling level of 13 percent.
Franklin County residents can recycle cardboard, newspaper, plastic, aluminum, tin & glass at any of 6 recycling locations in the county.
Recycling centers can be found at Vrooman Park in Eastpoint, in Lanark Village there is a site on Oak Street, in Alligator Point the recycling bins are on Bald point Road.
In Carrabelle you can recycle at Gray Avenue at the old Carrabelle High School; on St. George Island the recycling bins are behind Harry A’s and in Apalachicola the recycling location is on Commerce Street. e-mail with comments