Friday, March 22, 2013

Stantec chosen as Franklin County's economic planner

Franklin County has decided to negotiate with a Tallahassee company called Stantec to serve as economic planner for the area.

The county opened bids from two companies last month with the intent of hiring one to analyze Franklin county and other counties similar to us to look at ways to diversify the economy.

The program is being funded through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and was made possible through the Governor’s office last year after it was discovered that Franklin County’s oyster crop was in dire straits because of drought, tropical storms and saltwater intrusion.

Stantec was recommended because it’s already familiar with the county.

The company is currently working with Carrabelle on an economic analysis of their downtown and has worked with the county in the past including on the county comp plan update.

If the county can’t reach an agreement with Stantec then it will open negotiations with the second bidder, PMG out of Deerfield beach.

The work will be awarded as a short term contract that should be complete by the end of June. e-mail with comments