Friday, July 29, 2016

Price's Point reef to be deployed today

The Organization for Artificial Reefs will deploy Prices' Point Artificial Reef in waters off of Franklin County today.

The Prices' Point Artificial Reef system is named after Price Thornal who was 19 when he died in a car accident.

The Reef will be deployed in 34 feet of water off St Teresa about 1.6 miles south of Dog Island Reef.

It's location less than nine miles off shore will make it accessible for smaller boats.  

This site, also known as the St Teresa Reef System, is a brand new permitted area and was targeted for the specific reason that the area was a favorite fishing spot for Price.  

The reef will be in the shape of a large "Iron Cross" made of steel with dimensions of 40 feet by 25 feet suspended 10 feet off the bottom and anchored in concrete.  

The reef will also feature other preformed artificial reef modules surrounding the main center of the site with the cross sculpture.  

The reef is being paid for from proceeds of a fishing tournament annually held in Price's name.  

This is the second artificial reef deployed in Franklin county waters this week.

On Thursday groups deployed the 110 foot CCA Billy’s Barge Artificial reef barge in about 50 feet of water about 10 miles off of Carrabelle.

Here are the GPS Coordinates: 29 47.1000 and 84 27.995.   

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