Friday, March 24, 2017

Franklin county beaches once again being monitored for bacteria

The local health department has begun testing water quality for local beaches again.

The health department stopped their weekly water sampling program last October as part of a statewide cost-cutting measure.

The state takes weekly or bi-weekly water samples from about 304 beaches in 34 counties during the summer – they monitor the waters for any bacteria that could indicate a health risk to swimmers.

The water samples stop in Franklin County over the winter months when fewer people are swimming.
The good news is that no swimming advisories were issued for any of the 5 beaches tested here on March the 7th though moderate concentrations of bacteria were found at the St. George Island public beach.

There were also no swimming advisories issues for any of the 6 beaches tested in Gulf County or for the two beaches monitored in Wakulla County.

You can see water quality results for yourself from beaches around Florida at the Florida Department of Health website at