Friday, March 24, 2017

Franklin county worried about impacts of proposed changes to homestead exemption rules

Franklin county commissioners are concerned about a proposal that is being considered by the Florida senate that would increase the value of homes eligible for homestead exemption in Florida.

Under Florida law, a persons primary home is exempt from property taxes for the first 75 thousand dollars of the home's value.

The Florida senate is now considering a move that would increase the exemption for the first 100 thousand dollars of value.

The increased homestead exemption would not apply to school districts or special districts.

Franklin County Commissioners, however, said the move would hit smaller counties with a limited tax base like Franklin County very hard.

The county commission this week issued a letter asking the proposal be amended to also exempt fiscally constrained counties like Franklin County.

Commissioners will also be able to lobby for the change in person on April the 5th which is legislative day when commissioners from around the state go to Tallahassee to lobby to protect home rule and argue against unfunded mandates from the state.