Thursday, March 23, 2017

Franklin County names 2 members to the Planning and Zoning board

 Franklin County Commissioners this week named two new members to the Franklin County Planning and Zoning board.

The board named Joey Taranto of Apalachicola to fill the forestry seat on the P and Z and Mister William Burgess of Carrabelle as an alternate member.

The Planning and Zoning board is a 9 member board that makes recommendations to the county commission on almost all local zoning issues.

The board also allows for 2 alternates.

For years the P and Z has had only 5 active members – which is the bare minimum needed to hold a meeting.

That meant any time a member couldn't make a meeting, the meeting had to be canceled or rescheduled.

That created a hardship for people who needed P and Z approval for various construction projects in the county.

County coordinator Michael Moron said that with the two new members it almost guarantees that future P and Z meeting won't have to be canceled.

There are still a few seats left to fill, including one reserved for seafood dealers, a science seat, an at large seat and another alternate position.

The county is actively seeking new members; anyone interested should call County Coordinator Michael Moron at 653-9783.