Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Times Spring 2017

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                                 Vernal Equinox Issue 2017

Inside This Issue

Mark Miller: 2016 Facilitator of the Year

Mark Miller
Mark Miller has been a dedicated and exceptional Project WILD workshop Facilitator since 1999. Described as creative and fun, Mark’s workshops are academic and relevant to the needs of his audiences. He has great talent for motivating participants to interact with WILD activities, inspiring them to become leaders in conservation education. Mark lives in Mt. Dora, Florida (Orange County) with his wife Cindy, a cat named Sissy, and three dogs, Zu Zu, Bear and Baily. He works as a Project Manager for the City of Apopka. Mark has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He believes in the quote from Herbert Hoover, “Children are our most valuable resource.” One of his favorite mottos is “plan your work and work your plan.” His life mantra is “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”  Congratulations Mark!

A Message from the Coordinator

Dear WILD Ones,
We have just witnessed the Vernal Equinox (AKA, first day of spring) and last week we experienced the coldest days of the year! Locals told me cold weather this late is not unusual. They even have a name for it--the Easter Snap. I love learning something new! Distinguishing between definitions for weather vs. climate are incorporated in science literacy standards. Climate change over time on and impacts on wildlife habitats will be addressed in the updated Project WILD Guide (to be published in early 2018). Project WILD, new and old, is consistent in teaching the basic principles of conservation education for better understanding of healthy ecosystems and wildlife survival. Climate change lessons through WILD will present data that continues to encourage the learner “how to think, not what to think.”  But, traveling from awareness to action, “it’s what I do, not just what I think” is a challenging process. It requires patience, perseverance, self-control, and creativity. Project WILD educators participate in learning and teaching about wildlife, action that has a widespread and lasting impact. Thank you, workshop facilitators and educators, for all that you do!  Be Well & Stay WILD,

Teachers, Apply Now for Seedlings for Schools Grant

Grants include $50 of native Florida wildflower plants, classroom resources and guidance on garden establishment. For more information. Seedlings for Schools

New to the Facilitator Family

The St. The Marks Group, September 17, 2016

group 1 of new facilitators
From left to right: Carly Karas, Meghann Bryant, Anita Forester, Linda Kitner, Donna Foley, Linda Yori, Amanda Mills, Carrie Pigott, Maureen O’Neil, and Mirta Ross. (Not pictured Mary Beth Blackwood and Instructors, Betsy Sullivan, Rosalyn Kilcollins, and Lori Nicholson)

More New Recruits and their Instructors:
The Everglades Youth Conservation Camp Group, December 3, 2016

Group 2 of new facilitators
From left to right back row: Marcia Bisnett, Sarah Bisnett, Jamal Franklin, Karen Franklin, Megan Harris, Pilar Tucker, Kathy Knudtson, Barbara Riley, Krista Bertelson, Marcia Booth, Peter White, Jared Guerra, Eliana Cordoba, Front row left to right: Nate Bisnett, Andrea Andersen, Dawn Miller-Walker, Katharine Hendrickson, Jessica Andreasen,  Anita Forester. (Not pictured, Janice Kerber)

…And More New Recruits and their Instructors!
The Ocala Camp Group, February 26, 2017

Group 3 of new facilitators
Tree dweller, Suzette Meredith, Backrow left to right: Eric Hoeppner, Mary Hess, Kim Rivers, Lacie Swan, Jenna Mannion, Keifer Calkins. Row two left to right: Lisa Sauberan, Jeannie Asby, Andrea Bearman, Vikki Nelson, Christy Meyer, Jamie Retzloff, Marissa Killingsworth Front row, left to right, Rosalyn Kilcollins, Phyllis Lamborn, Emily Roller, Marcia Bisnett, Peggy Hill, and Janie Ewell. (Not pictured, Bryan Nichols, Anita Forester)

Mentionable Mentorships: Facilitators Mentored into the Fold

graphic of people on ladder
Lisa Hickey, mentored by Peggy Hill, Luke Gommermann and Amy Washuta, mentored by   Lisa Andrews, and Candy Strongmentored by Jean Merherg—Thank  you!

Facilitators Share: Lesson Adaptations, Supplements

Upcoming Training and Workshops

Train the Trainer September 22-24, 2017 Everglades Youth Camp, West Palm Beach
2017 Call of the WILD November 10-12, 2017, Ocala Youth Camp, Silver Springs
Train the Trainer February 23-25, 2018 Ocala Youth Camp, Silver Springs

Check out upcoming workshop schedule at: Project WILD Workshop Schedule