Thursday, April 20, 2017

Franklin County plans to reopen recycling center at Alligator Point and relocate recycling bins on St. George Island

The Franklin county solid waste department says it is plans to reopening a recycling center at Alligator Point and relocate the one on St. George Island.

County Commissioners gave their approval this week to open a county recycling site close to the Alligator Point fire house.

There have been some concerns raised about the location from neighbors who said it would center somewhere at the point.

The recycling bins at Alligator Point were removed in 2015 because people were filling the bins with their household trash.

Solid waste director Fonda Davis said the new location will be fenced and commissioners said he can put a camera at the site if needed.

Fonda said he the landfill will also relocate the recycling bins on St. George Island.

The recycling bins are currently in the alley next to Harry A's but there have a lot of complaints because the bins take up so much space.

Fonda said the recycling bins will be moved a little further down Pine Street.