Saturday, April 22, 2017

Recreational amberjack season closed in Florida till 2018

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has closed recreational fishing for greater amberjack in state waters for the rest of the year.

The closure begins Saturday, April 22nd and runs through December 31st.

A similar closure has been in effect in federal waters since late March.

The closure was approved after the federal government said that this year’s annual recreational quota was exceeded.

The quota is the amount of fish that can be caught each year while still protecting the greater amberjack population.

Federal rules require that if the quota is exceeded in one year, that the overage has to be deducted from the next year’s quota which usually results in a shortened season.

By closing state waters for the rest of 2016 the FWC hopes to minimize any negative impacts on Florida fishermen for the 2018 season.