Thursday, May 18, 2017

Franklin County received 80K in payment in lieu of taxes

Franklin County has received just under 80 thousand dollars from the state for payments in lieu of taxes.

Franklin County tax collector Rick Watson said the county received the 78 thousand dollar check from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Payments in lieu of taxes are paid on property purchased by the state and taken off the county tax rolls.

The majority of the property now state owned is in the Tate's Hell forest in the northern portion of Franklin County though there are some sites along the water like Bald Point.

The state owns about 188,000 acres or about 54 percent of the entire county.

The state owned property is used mainly for conservation and animal habitat.

The payment in lieu of taxes program only continues for 10 years after a property is purchased, and then the payments stop.

The county began receiving payments in lieu of taxes in 1994.