Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Manatees spotted in the Apalachicola Bay

 A large group of Manatees were sighted in the Apalachicola Bay on Monday.

At least 6 manatees were sighted in the Apalachicola Bay just south of the Apalachicola Bridge on Monday.

Manatee sightings in this portion of the state are rare, but certainly not unheard of, especially in the summer months when the water temperature rises above 68 degrees.

But since there are manatees here, boaters should take extra precautions to protect the animals.

Boaters should obey all posted boat speed limits, stay in marked channels, and wear polarized sunglasses while boating to improve vision.

Also don’t boat over grass flats or areas where manatees congregate.

Boaters who find an injured or dead manatee, or one that is being harassed by other boaters should call the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for Assistance.

The number for the Wildlife alert hotline is 1- 888-404-FWCC