Thursday, June 29, 2017

ABC school earns an A grade, Franklin County School a C

School grades were released Wednesday and the Apalachicola Bay charter School saw its grade move up from a “C” to a “A”.

The Franklin County School received a C grade for the 4th year in a row.

Overall the Franklin county school district received a C grade from the state – Its the 7th year in a row the district has earned a C grade.

The ABC school has historically been a top ranked school, it’s been ranked as an A school 6 times since 2010.

High-performing schools and those that improve their school grade can receive additional funding, while struggling schools will receive extra help to improve.

Looking at some of our neighboring schools:

Port St. Joe Elementary School in Gulf County earned a C grade for the second year in a row, while Port St. Joe High School earned a B grade.

Wewahitchka elementary School and High School both earned a B grade this year.

The Gulf County School District overall earned a B grade this year.

The Wakulla School District received an A grade this year; The Liberty county School District earned a B grade.