Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Franklin County projects survive governor's veto

Governor Rick Scott last week vetoed nearly 410 million dollars in projects from Florida's 82 billion dollar state budget, but projects aimed for Franklin County remained untouched.

Nearly 8 and half million dollars are alloacted for projects in Franklin County.

Most of the money, 6 million dollars, is budgeted for one project, improvements to the Apalachicola Northern Railroad.

There is also about 690 thousand dollars for a guardrail on Highway 98 between Eastpoint and Apalachicola and 430 thousand dollars is in the budget for a bike path on Island Drive in Eastpoint from the St. George Island bridge to Highway 98.

The Legislature also budgeted about 350 thousand dollars to resurface roads in Carrabelle.

There is about 360 thousand dollars in the budget for drainage work at the Apalachicola airport and another 300 thousand dollars for runway renovations.

Another 210 thousand dollars is set aside for a security fence at the Carrabelle airport.

The legislature also approved about 27 thousand dollars for interpretive panels for Camp Gordon Johnston, 50 thousand dollars for a City of Apalachicola Historic District Project and about 35 thousand dollars for a City of Apalachicola Youth Center Roof System Project.

Another 11 thousand dollars is budgeted for Surveillance Equipment on Franklin County Buses.