Thursday, June 15, 2017

Franklin County re-approves freight logistics zone

County Commissioners this week gave approval to a freight logistics zone in Franklin county that could one day allow freight to be shipped by train from Gulf County to Gadsden County.

The commission actually approved the plan last month, but did so before holding a public hearing on the issue.

On June the 6th the board held the required public hearing and agreed to repprove the issue.

The freight logistics zone is a 5 mile wide corridor along the already existing Apalachicola Northern Railway which reaches from Port St. Joe to Gadsden County near Interstate 10.

The purpose of the zone is to begin work on a rail system that could one day haul goods from a port in Gulf County to shipping centers near I-10.

Right now the logistics zone is basically a concept on a map, but in the future it could help the counties get grant funding for various projects related to the railway.

Its possible that Franklin county could benefit from the zone by extending the railway to the Apalachicola airport and possible to even improve the airport itself.

Approving the freight logistics zone also allows Gulf County to seek money to help expand its port and Gadsden County may be able to use the designation to get funding to build a connection between the rail line and I-10.