Monday, June 12, 2017

Franklin County receives consent order to expand DW Wilson sports complex in Apalachicola

Franklin County has received a consent order that will allow the county to expand the DW Wilson Sports Complex in Apalachicola and add a soccer field and basketball court to the complex.

The Consent Order from the Northwest Florida Water Management District addresses the clearing and disturbance of a wetland in a section of the area that is part of the Park’s expansion project.

The order allows the county to move forward without going through the potentially lengthy permit process.

Earlier this year the county was awarded a 50 thousand dollar grant through the Florida Recreation Assistance Program to help pay for the soccer field and basketball court.

The grant won’t cover the full cost of the project so the county will likely apply for more money this Fall.

The soccer field is needed to help the growing youth soccer program in Franklin County.

Local soccer teams generally have to travel to play because out of county teams like Port St. Joe won’t play on our substandard fields.

The other problem is local teams are practicing on poor fields which puts them at a disadvantage when they play or regulation fields in other areas.