Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Franklin County sheriff wants to re-purpose fence from shuttered work camp

Franklin County Commissioners are considering a request from the sheriff's office to move the outer perimeter fence at the old Bay City Work Camp in Apalachicola to the Franklin County jail on Highway 65.

The Bay City Work Camp was closed in 2013, and is currently sitting unused.

The sheriff's department says it could take the perimeter fence from the Work Camp and use it as a perimeter fence around the county jail.

Currently the county jail doesn't have an outer perimeter fence which is allowing contraband to enter
the jail as people can just drive up to the fence and toss contraband over into the area where the prisoners are.

That is creating safety and security issues at the jail.

The sheriff's department said moving the fence would save about 80 thousand dollars over buying a new one.

The county commission has not yet approved the request and said there are a lot of issues that need to be considered before the project could move forward.

Specifically they are concerned about the how the fence would be moved since it is covered with razor wire and moving the fence would actually expose more razor wire on the fence behind it.
They also questioned whether the fence could be moved at all without damaging it and making it unusable.

The commission said the sheriff should bring the county a specific plan for moving the fence and commissioners will consider approval at that time.