Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Looking for work - the state prison in Carrabelle is hiring and now offering a 1000 dollar sign on bonus!

If you are looking for work, the Franklin correctional Institution in Carrabelle is hiring.

The state prison has nearly 60 positions open at this time.

The jobs range from correctional officers to maintenance workers and food service staff.

The jobs offer great benefits and right now the prison is offering a 1000 dollar sign on bonus for correctional officers.

To be eligible to work as a correctional officer you have to be 19 years old and have at least a GED.

If you are already certified in law enforcement you can start working full time immediately or get paid while you attend training to earn your certification.

Starting pay for a correctional officer is around 28 thousand dollars a year, ut that will increase to 33,500 dollars a year in October.

To find out more, call Tomilee Dowden at 697-1331 or stop by the state prison on Highway 67 in Carrabelle.