Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fishermen invited to join the lionfish challenge

Over 5 thousand invasive lionfish have been removed from Florida waters since the state kicked off its Lionfish Challenge in May and there is still plenty of time for new fishermen to get involved.
Lionfish are a nonnative, invasive species that threaten Florida’s native saltwater fish and wildlife.
They were introduced into Florida waters in the late 1980s but their population has boomed in recent years – and that is causing real problems for native species in Florida waters.
The Lionfish Challenge started on May 20th, and ends September 4th.
The challenge rewards lionfish harvesters with prizes such as T-shirts, tumblers, pole spears, and much more.
It only takes 25 lionfish to qualify for the program and the more lionfish you enter, the more prizes you will receive.
Plus, all participants are entered into a raffle to win even more prizes.

To learn more or to sign up, go online to www.MyFWC.com/Lionfish.