Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Franklin County Commission approves permits for SGI business signs

 County Commissioners this month approved a special use permit for the St. George Island Business Association allowing the group to install wooden directional signs throughout the St. George Island commercial district.

The new signs will make it easier for visitors to find the various businesses on the island as well as to remove the dozens of temporary signs that pop up along the roads throughout the year.

The wooden signs will be placed in area that will not impede vehicle or bike path traffic.

The signs will all be uniform which will allow for a cleaner look in the St. George Island commercial district.

The signs will mainly be on Gulf Beach Drive, though there will also be one at the entrance to East Pine Street and on West Bayshore Drive.

The permit approved by the county commission includes requirements for the signs along with some

It also allows the County to terminate for convenience without notice.