Thursday, July 13, 2017

Franklin County plans moratorium on new developments in SGI commercial district

The Franklin County Commission plans to establish a moratorium on all development in the commercial district while the county decides how they would like to see the area developed.

Last week the board agreed to schedule a public hearing to vote on a 6 month moratorium on new development between 3rd street east and 3rd street west on St. George Island.

The moratorium will give the county time to develop a St. George Island Corridor Zoning Overlay District which will better define the types of development that will be allowed in the commercial district.

Until the public hearing can be held on the issue, the county agreed to adopt a “Zoning in Progress” Resolution which instructs county Planning and Zoning staff not to accept any new development applications in the area between 3rd Street East and 3rd Street West on St. George Island.