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NOAA Fisheries FishNews - July 26, 2017

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NOAA Fish News
July 26, 2017


Celebrating Habitat Month

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Funding for Community-Based Restoration
NOAA is recommending $4.5 million in funding for 10 new projects through the 2017 Community-based Restoration Program Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Grants competition. These projects will restore roughly 1,400 acres of habitat and open 70 stream miles for fish passage. Two projects will support the recovery of NOAA Fisheries’ Species in the Spotlight, while another is located in a NOAA Habitat Focus Area.

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NOAA Fisheries Aquaculture News (Newsletter)
Check out the latest issue of NOAA Fisheries’Aquaculture News newsletter, featuring a message from Director of Aquaculture Michael Rubino. The newsletter covers highlights of the FY 2017 aquaculture research budget, the launch of the Rhode Island Shellfish Initiative, and other important aquaculture updates.

Philippines IUU Workshop
Workshop to Combat IUU Fishing in the Philippines
llegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing is an international problem and a global responsibility, but many countries lack sufficient resources to enforce against it.  As part of the broader effort to combat IUU fishing, the United States works with partner countries to build the necessary knowledge and skills. Read about the 2-week workshop that experts from NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement recently conducted in Manila, Philippines.

Second Quarter Fish Stock Assessment Report
The Fish Stock Assessment Report for the second quarter of FY 2017 is now available online. This report (pdf, 2.3 MB) summarizes the 102 stock assessments completed during this quarter and the 57 assessments planned for the remainder of the fiscal year. It also includes a feature article on new models developed and applied by the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center that improve assessments for Pacific Island reef fish.

National Offshore Oil and Gas – Open for Comment
President Trump and Secretary of the Interior Zinke announced in late June the opening of a public comment period for a new 5-year National Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing Program on the Outer Continental Shelf. Comments are due August 17.


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NOAA Discovery of Deep-Sea Sponge Shows Promise for Cancer Research
In 2005, NOAA Fisheries scientists discovered a small, green species of sponge deep in Alaska’s North Pacific Ocean. Biomedical researchers have since found that in lab tests, molecules produced by the sponge have the ability to kill pancreatic cancer cells. Such public-private research partnerships between NOAA Fisheries and other institutions are critical to advancing this promising discovery.

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NOAA Locates Wreckage of Crab Fishing Vessel
At the request of the U.S. Coast Guard, two NOAA ships en route to scientific missions in Alaska waters helped locate the missing fishing vessel Destination. The vessel sank this past February while fishing for snow crab northwest of St. George, Alaska, and none of the crewmembers survived. NOAA is honored to support Coast Guard, continuing a long history of collaboration.

West Coast

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Collaborative Rescue Frees Whale near California
Last week off the coast of Northern California a team of responders freed a juvenile humpback whale entangled in numerous fishing lines. A fishing vessel first reported the entangled whale and provided key observations to NOAA Fisheries’ West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

Finding on Petition to List Chum Salmon Runs
NOAA Fisheries announced a 90-day finding on a petition to list the winter-run Puget Sound chum salmon in the Nisqually River system and Chambers Creek as a threatened or endangered evolutionarily significant unit under the Endangered Species Act. We found that the proposed listing is not warranted at this time.

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Curious Kids Head to NOAA Science Camp
This year marks the 15th year of NOAA Science Camp at NOAA’s Sand Point Western Regional Center in Seattle. During the camp, middle and high school students get hands-on experience working with NOAA scientists, including a group from NOAA’s Restoration Center.


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Improvements to Catch Shares Online System
NOAA Fisheries has simplified the login procedures for the catch shares online system, home to the Individual Fishing Quota programs for commercial red snapper and grouper-tilefish, as well as the Bluefin Tuna Individual Bycatch Quota program.

Greater Atlantic

Bubble-feeding Humpback
New England Boaters: Watch Out for Whales
During the summer, humpback whales feed on small schooling fish and zooplankton in coastal New England waters. NOAA Fisheries asks boaters to keep a close eye out for feeding and traveling whales and to remember to follow safe viewing guidelines.

Proposed Rule for Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Plans – Open for Public Comment
By August 18, please submit your comments on a proposed rule to implement the Omnibus Acceptable Biological Catch Framework Adjustment for the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s fishery management plans. The measures are intended to bring stability to catch quotas while accounting for year-to-year changes in stock size projections.

New England B-WET
Four New Projects for New England B-WET
NOAA announced the selection of four New England Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) projects for 2017 funding. Together, these multi-year projects will train more than 50 New England teachers each year and provide more than 1,000 students with hands-on “Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences.” Read more about the selected projects.


July 31–August 2
Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center Program Review in Honolulu, open to the public.

August 3­–8 Q&A session and two public hearing webinars on the South Atlantic Council’s Snapper Grouper Amendment 43 (red snapper catch limits.)

August 7­–10
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council meeting
in San Antonio, Texas.

August 8 - 10
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council meeting in Philadelphia.

August 15
Public scoping webinar on the South Atlantic Council’s Coastal Migratory Pelagics Amendment 31 (cobia management.)


August 3
Applications due for the summer flounder Stock Assessment Workshop (SAW) Working Group.

August 16 Applications due for open seats on the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s Advisory Panels.


Visit for a list of only those actions open for public comment. Scroll search for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
For a list of all daily actions, check the Federal Register online.